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Recent Scam to hit Prairie County


The latest scam to hit Prairie County is a Publisher's Clearing House impostor, according to the Prairie County Sheriff's Department.

According to Prairie County Sheriff Rick Hickman, the department has received several calls from concerned citizens. The scammers are calling and pretending to surprise the individual that they have won different amounts of money. 

"They are saying they are coming to their house, but they need information first," Hickman explains. 

The questions they are asking are about banking information, including:
- banking account information;
- social security number; and
- that they can open an account for them with that information so family members can be surprised at the door.

"All they are trying to do is get your banking information, and we do not want any of our citizens falling for this scam," Hickman explains.

If you have been a victim of this or other scams contact the Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge's office. Here is a link to the various scams going around in that state at this time: