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The Prairie County Sheriff's Department (PCSD) Center is a vital part of the sheriff's department. In the communications room there are numerous equipment that the department is responsible for monitoring. 

This includes a radio console, which houses six different radio frequencies throughout the county, four of these are used everyday. They are used for law enforcement, ambulance calls, fire department dispatches, state police and other law enforcement agencies that need to be in immediate contact with PCSD.

The department also has an ACIC/National Crime Center Information Center (NCIC) terminal, which is used to access all national and state crime information. This gives the department information on driver's licensees, license plates, criminal history and other pertinent information needed in a timely manner. PCSD gives and receives numerous messages on this terminal daily and are able to speak to any law enforcement agency in the nation that is a part of the NCIS. The terminal also gives PCSD automatic weather updates. 

The department is responsible for 9-1-1 emergency calls, which must be handled by PCSD or the cities in the county the PCSD dispatch for while others are sent to the department with jurisdiction over that call. While the PCSD does dispatch for the Des Arc ambulance service, they do not dispatch for Southern Paramedic Services, Inc. They do take calls but they are put through to their dispatch, which is located in Stuttgart in Arkansas County. The PCSD does work with southern Paramedics Service on a daily basis and also has radio contact with their ambulances. 

The PCSD also answers all landline phones that people call for information and, sometimes emergency situations. These lines are used for questions from citizens or for the jail also.

In addition to those duties the PCSD is also responsible for setting off the tornado siren for the City of Des Arc. this comes with a very strict protocol that has to be followed, which was original set up by the Des Arc City Council.

The sheriff's department also has phones in their communications system that when picked up will put in direct contact with Air Evac Lifeteam in the event a medical helicopter is needed. 

The communications department is also responsible for handling any warrants entered or deleted in the national and state system for the county and cities within Prairie County. 

For more information contact the PCSD office at (870) 256-4137.