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4th of July Message from the Sheriff


4th of July with fireworks and flag


4th of July Message from the Sheriff

The Prairie County Sheriff's Department wishes you and your family a safe and exciting 4th of July holiday weekend.

The 4th of July holiday is a celebration of our becoming independent as a country on July 4, 1776.

Before you celebrate with an at-home fireworks display, please make sure you practice safety and know the local ordinances and laws in your area. ( is there a local burn ban in your area)

Remember that fireworks can pose a fire and safety hazard to those who use them.

Use caution when shooting fireworks, and be sure to follow these recommended safety tips from

  • -   Read cautionary labels and performance descriptions before lighting a firework
  • -   Never give fireworks to children
  • -   Wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks
  • -   Use the fireworks outdoors, away from buildings and vehicles
  • -   Dispose of fireworks safely (wet them down and place them in a metal trash can until the next day)
  • -   If possible have a fire extinguisher present.
  • -   Intoxicated persons should not handle fireworks.
  • -   Keep all flammable liquids and items away from the fireworks.
  • -   Pick up all your litter and trash resulting from the used fireworks.

For anyone who is traveling this 4th of July weekend, remember to always wear your seat belt and never drink and drive - instead, call a designated driver to get you home safely. Not only do you risk your life when you drive impaired, you are putting the other drivers you share the roadway with at risk, too.

Fun on the Water:

Let someone know where you are going and for how long.

Don't swim alone (buddy system)

Young children should wear a floatation device and always be supervised by a responsible adult.

Avoid risky and dangerous behavior (swinging, diving and jumping off of objects into unknown areas of waters could lead to serious injury and or death)

Don't swim in fast moving water.

Always be on the lookout for hazardous vegetation and dangerous wildlife in and around the water ( snakes, wild animals, stinging and biting insects, Poison Ivy and Poison Oak)

Keep your body hydrated with plenty of watery drinks when working or playing in the heat of the day.

Always apply sun screen to exposed parts of the body to prevent sunburns, if possible - avoid long periods of direct exposure to the sunlight.

Bring extra clothing and always wear foot protection.

Don't swim near moving boats and jet ski's (don't risk being struck by a moving water craft)


Please also Remember, a boating mishap or fatality often involves innocent people who share in none of the blame, but all of the consequence. As a responsible boater, the life you save may very well be someone else's. Remember,

( B E  S A F E )



Safety devices and Personal Floatation Devices

Alcohol limits

First aid and emergency procedures

Environment (area and weather)



The Prairie County Sheriff's Department wishes everyone a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!


Sheriff: Rick Hickman