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Arrest made from September 1st to October 31st


As of Tuesday, November, 17, 2020, the Prairie County Sheriff's Department (PCSD) has 34 individuals felony and/or misdemeanor charges at the Prairie County Detention Center, located in Des Arc.
Recent arrest by PCSD ( does not include Des Arc Police Department or Hazen Police Department arrests) include:

  • Joshua Vanhouten was arrested on Sept. 02, for DWI, refusal to submit to chemical test, careless prohibited driving;
  • Cindy Rodriguez was arrested on Sept. 13, for DWI, Resisting Arrest, Refusal to submit to Chemical Test,
  • Julie Roberts was arrested Sept. 16, for Disorderly Conduct, 
  • Phillis Crain was arrested on Sept. 25, for Domestic Battery 3rd Degree
  • Christopher Sherman was arrested Oct. 13, for Obstruction of Governmental Operations, and Criminal Trespass
  •  Daniel Williams was arrested on Oct. 29, for Violation of No Contact Order

For more information on current incarcerated inmates in Prairie County and other detention centers across the state visit

To report an incident or to give information on ongoing cases call (870) 256-4137, which is answered 24 hours a day, seven days of the week. Residents can also email the sheriff at

Also an anonymous tip email can be used:

Keep up to date with the Prairie County Sheriff's Department by following the department on Facebook: Or visiting their website, which is updated weekly at

In any emergency situation dial 9-1-1.